Army Parts

D&H Industries is a leading manufacturer of metal stamped army parts for the defense industry. Major defense contractors trust our precision metal stampings, weldments, and fabrications for their high quality, industrial-strength, performance, and reliability.

We produce sizeable deep draw and progressive stampings, heavy weld fabrications, robotic welding, and laser cutting preparation. Part-forming from cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, draw quality steel, sheet metal, brass, aluminum, copper, tin, iron, and other high strength materials.

Our engineering design team possesses expert knowledge of metal types and how each reacts to pressure and force. This applied skill results in innovative, quality-minded, safe, and cost-effective solutions for metal part products and metal fabrications. We are always available to review and guide you during the design process.

Army Parts

The D&H on-site toolroom is staffed full-time and is responsible for all precision tooling used at our facility, giving us more quality control and accuracy over our manufacturing process. The immediate response to any tooling issues that may arise reduces production downtime and helps to ensure on-time delivery. We are also experts at adapting existing tooling to our presses.

We operate two state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities and continue to research and invest in the latest technology. Our capital equipment acquisitions have positioned the company to manage high volumes of large stamping and fabrication projects that many shops simply cannot.

D&H Industries is an ITAR registered manufacturer and a proud supplier of army stamped parts to support our allied armed forces worldwide.

Other Industries Served: Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Defense, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Furniture, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Lawn and Garden, Military, Mining, Railway, Solar, Transportation, and Truck

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