Automated Manufacturing

Automation Investments Lead to Expanded Capacity

It’s no secret that manufacturing in the United States experienced a recent re-birth due to supply chains returning home. The labor market was restrictive pre-COVID pandemic, and with baby boomers retiring at a tremendous rate of 10,000 per day, it will not rebound anytime soon.

So how are manufacturers finding the necessary help to run machines and inspect parts? The answer is, of course, automated systems. And manufacturing companies like ours cannot transform quickly enough.

D&H Industries Universal Robots Automation

D&H Industries began investing in collaborative robots (Universal Robots) shortly after their introduction. There was a learning curve in applying the technology. We focused first on an architectural siding application that increased production and repurposed two employees per shift.

Watch Our Universal Robots Press Automation Video.

D&H Industries 600 Ton Press Automation

We took a more significant step in 2021, investing $1 million in a 600-ton press purchase plus an automation control system that refocuses two people per shift while doubling hourly throughput.

Watch Our 600-Ton Press Automation Video.

D&H Industries 800 Ton Press Automation

Coming off that success – D&H Industries invested over $1.5 million in two more press automation systems controlling an 800-ton press and two 600-ton presses. Once again, utilizing the assigned workforce in other tasks reduces cost, eliminates ergonomics concerns, provides more technical opportunities, and enhances automation training.

Watch Our 800-Ton Press Automation Video.

D&H Industries is investing in the future and the continued success of our customers! Another benefit is our well-trained, better-compensated employees are producing significantly more sales dollars per hour than just a few years ago.

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