chamfer guage is just one of many tools in quality testing

D&H Industries has invested a great deal in quality fabrication with the latest equipment, including optical comparators and coordinate measuring machines to assure that every metal stamping, weldment and assembly, large or small, is delivered on time with the highest quality. When you are known for handling high tolerance and difficult parts this is a must.

At our plant, quality control is paramount from start to finish. We have a complete tool kit of machines and systems to meet rigid customer demands. We start with consistent suppliers and approved sources that know the needs of our customers. We apply the latest equipment and processes including, SPC, TQM, and material trace-ability.

Having an experienced quality technicians and production team is how we are able to meet your specific quality requirements. Through the use of various tools that include PPAP, APQP, FEMA and SPC, we continually and successfully guarantee that our commitments to you are met. We have also integrated these tools with some other quality processes to ensure added value and excellence.

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Coordinate Measuring Machines

We validate every aspect of the manufacturing process at D&H Industries by utilizing a servo driven Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine, with PC-DMIS CMM software. For larger parts, we use a ROMER mobile CMM with a measuring capability up to 8’ in diameter. In both cases, we can use customers’ models to directly compare to the part being produced.

Romer Arm being used to test larger formed parts

Our CMM verification’s are used in conjunction with other equipment including an optical comparative and chatilian gauge (to measure spring compression).  In addition, we have a plethora of functional gauges, as well as standard verniers, calipers, height gauges, plug gauges, etc.