Press Brake Forming

D&H Industries can also form complex parts to their desired shape with our Bystronic Xact Smart 160 hydraulic press brake. It provides:

  • 176-ton forming tonnage
  • 122” bending sheet length
  • 18.9” open height
  • 7.9” standard stroke

Our metal laser cutting service, combined with our press braking, is ideally suited for producing small components used in welded assemblies or for low-volume production start-up before building production stamping tools.

Press Brake Forming Services

D&H Industries is a precision, deep draw stamping and progressive metal stamping company. Metal products created from various materials include aluminum, brass, copper, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, and high-strength materials. Material thickness ranges from .005” (127mm) to 0.551” (14mm) with simple to complex design configurations. Supporting fabrication services include robotic welding, MIG welding, laser welding, resistance welding, CNC machining, countersinking, drilling, deburring, hardware insertion, and assembly. D&H has two ISO 9001:2015 certified focused factories in Oconomowoc, WI, with a company history dating back to 1937.

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