Robotic Welding Services

D&H Industries uses robotic automation to deliver weldments and metal fabrications cost-effectively to OEMs. Our automated material handling and welding equipment maximize production efficiency with speed, accuracy, and consistency while providing the highest weld quality. Welding various custom stampings, laser-cut components, and formed parts to supply turn-key manufacturing.

Certifications and Precision Welding Capabilities Including
  • American Welding Society AWS D1.1 Certified Welding
  • Weldments range from 3” (76 mm) to 8’ (2.4 m)
  • Complicated weldments and assemblies with 50 or more build items
  • Welding automation materials include aluminum, abrasion-resistant plate, grade 50, grade 80, carbon steel, heavy steel plate, high-alloy steel, iron, mild steel, sheet metal, stainless steel, steel, structural steel, and other alloys.

Aside from certification from a Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), we are certified to weld for various large-format construction components, agricultural machinery, and railroad parts.

D&H Industries are experts at configuring automatic and robotic welding cells tailored to your specific application, increasing production, reducing labor, and providing cost savings to your bottom line. We have six ABB welding robot arms with table sizes from 1 meter squared to 2 meters x 4 meters.

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Robotic Welding Services

Our GMAW gas metal arc welding, also known as MIG metal inert gas robotic welding systems, uses welding robots to deliver a solid wire electrode through a welding gun as a filler metal to melt and fuse metal components. An inert shielding gas protects the automated welding process from oxidation and contamination.

Other Welding Services: MIG, Robotic, Laser, Resistance | Spot Welding, Arc | Stick Welding, and Weld Fixture Design

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