Transfer Tooling

Customer tool transfer has become a science at D&H Industries. We have managed numerous successful tool transfers varying in size, the number of tools, and parts. We have found the most effective way to in-source customer tooling at our facilities is by relying on proven structure, creating a system, and being consistent.

In-Sourcing Structure
  • Rely on the structure that is in place every day
  • Do not deviate from what works
  • Anticipate potential delays
In-Sourcing System
  • Communicate to stakeholders
  • Work within the established processes
  • Always think flow through both office and shop
In-Sourcing Consistency
  • Manage timelines
  • Know your resources
  • Repetition

Case Study #1
D&H Industries has significant experience with production tooling transfers to support our customers’ supplier consolidation initiatives and production outsourcing needs. One area of expertise has become stamping interior oven components and burner pans with the transfer of more than 20 sets of tools. The implementation of a well-coordinated transition plan yielded multiple benefits. Sharing tooling design and production details minimized tooling evaluation time, and part scan data allowed for quick evaluation of prior production parts to D&H Industries’ first production part. Onsite PPAP evaluation expedited the part approval process. Production start-up within two weeks to receipt of tooling minimized the need for extensive bridge build quantities.

Case Study #2
D&H Industries was requested to take over customer-owned tooling that represented over 150 part numbers coming off of a dozen different dies. We inspected all the incoming tools, made the appropriate die adaptations; and PPAP’d all the parts within six months of receiving the tools.

Case Study #3
D&H Industries inherited a die set for a customer that was not robust enough to stamp parts from aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized – with various gauges using the same tool. While we carefully produced from the inherited dies, we worked with the customer to design and manufacture new tooling to better accommodate the breadth of gauges and materials our customer sells.

D&H Industries can support production requirements for emergency press downtime, short-term production overflow, and permanent long-term outsourcing.

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