From small parts to large parts, D&H Industries has the personnel, equipment and experience to provide quality deep draw stamping and forming of parts to your given specifications. Our engineering and tooling staff has provided multiple deep drawing solutions for a variety of industries.

Bring your custom application to D&H Industries and we’ll show you what we can do to improve your metal forming projects.

Large Parts

deep-drawn-lawn-gardenOur 500, 1000 and 2,000 ton hydraulic presses can draw your large parts to 12” (.3 m) deep. Our deep draw engineers have a combination of 40 years experience in Deep Draw applications. Common Draw problems like wrinkling or cracking are virtually eliminated due to draw simulation, die engineering and set-up experience.

Forming Simulations and Analysis

With the support of our knowledgeable tooling vendors, we can also provide draw simulations and analysis, to assure your design team that the best possible forming conditions are met to provide high quality parts.

Economical Solutions

With Quick Response Manufacturing Methodologies, we can use our various presses as virtual cells, combining – as example, a blank, draw, and pierce operations between 2 or 3 presses to create one piece flow whenever practical.