Deep Draw Stamping

D&H Industries offers a broad range of press forming capabilities and extensive experience stamping complex metal part designs with drawn features.

Our 200, 1000, and 2,000-ton hydraulic press are capable of deep drawing up to 11 inches in both light and heavy gauge materials. Our hydraulic presses accommodate part diameters that fit within a 96” x 120” press envelope. We also offer a wide range of mechanical presses for shallow drawn parts that can produce medium to high volume parts using progressive dies or one-piece flow processes.

Our team of experienced tooling designers and engineers can assist in developing part designs and tooling that eliminate common draw problems like wrinkling and cracking. We also can offer our patented forming process that offers additional benefits. Send your drawn part designs to D&H Industries, and we will provide cost-effective solutions for your custom applications.

With quick response manufacturing methodologies, we can use our various presses as virtual cells, combining a blank, draw, and pierce operations between 2 or 3 presses to create one piece flow whenever practical. Allowing for deep-drawn part production runs with high volumes and the benefit of cost-saving operations. From small to large finished parts, D&H Industries has the personnel, equipment, and experience to provide highly precise stampings and components to your exact specifications.

2000-Ton Press Capability

Deep Drawn Stamping Services

Deep Draw Lawn Garden

Deep Draw Lawn Garden from Metal Blank

Deep Drawn Large

Deep Drawn Large from Sheet Metal

Deep Drawn Lawn Deck

Deep Drawn Metal Forming

Deep Drawn Lawn Mower Deck

Deep Drawn Cosmetic Parts – Metal Mower Deck

Deep Drawn Sink

Deep Drawn Sink from Stainless Steel

Large Deep Draw

Large Deep Drawn Stamping Process

Stamped Lawn Garden Deck Weldment

Stamped Weldment With Tight Tolerances

Stamped Lighting Assembly

Stamped Electrical Assemblies

Stamped Tank Wheel

Stamped Tank Wheel with Heavy Wall Thickness

Stamped Tire Rim

Tire Rim from Deep Drawing Process

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