D&H Industries


The origins of D&H Industries go back to LaBelle (started in 1937 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin) and General Stamping (began in 1975 in New Berlin, Wisconsin). LaBelle was one of the early magazine producers of M-16 magazines for the US Military and law enforcement agencies.


Labelle changed their name to Quest, along with its focus on operations. Quest divested its stamping operations to General Stamping in 1993.


In 1997 Quest purchased General Stamping, forming D&H Industries, and consolidated the operations into the Oconomowoc facility.


In 2007, a local group of business partners purchased D&H Industries. D&H is a vital addition to the three other diverse metalworking companies with a focus on expanding processes to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.


The founders of D&H worked diligently to develop an ethical business. By their retirement in 2008, their diligence had tripled the sales of metal stamped and fabricated products. They developed business with over 80 major manufacturers and companies during their tenure.


The company implemented lean manufacturing systems and a 5-S program. D&H expanded its plant in 2012, bringing its manufacturing space to 130,000 square feet. Additionally, D&H Industries houses 35 hydraulic and mechanical presses from 32 to 2,000 ton and provide an on-site quality lab with multiple CMMs. In addition to developing commercial OEM customers, D&H continued to grow the quality and customer base for M-16 magazines. D&H Magazine deliveries to our allied customers worldwide have led us to become the primary supplier to the Israeli Defense Forces.


Added 22,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space and five new presses.

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