Quality Stamping

D&H Industries meets or exceeds customer expectations by providing the highest quality and cost-effective precision metal stampings, weldments, and assemblies. We strive to excel in all manufacturing processes with rigorous quality control, utilizing the best quality standards, ongoing workforce training, and well-maintained production equipment. Our dedication to quality is absolute and without compromise as we focus on delivering 100% customer satisfaction in every stamped part.

D&H Industries Quality Policy Statement

D&H Industries is committed to providing world class stamping, assembly, and fabrication services that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers in an environment that promotes Safety, Quality, Performance, Innovation, and Continual Improvement.

Design, Stamping, Fabrication,
Welding and Assembly of Metal Parts

Perry Johnson Registrars

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate C2020-02703
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“First Time, Every Time, On Time”

A quality management system has been established, documented, implemented, maintained, and continually improved. To implement the system, the organization has:
  • Determined the processes needed for the quality management system and their application throughout the organization.
  • Determined the sequence and interaction of these processes.
  • Determined the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective.
  • Ensured the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes.
  • Monitored, measured (where applicable), and analyzed these processes.
  • Implemented actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes.

Here are some facets of our ISO 9001:2015 quality system:

  • First and foremost, we strive to design quality into every part awarded to us, which is part of our robust New Part Introduction Procedure. We conduct online meetings with customers to review print balloon features, ensuring no misconceptions about the print or model. We request a current sample to determine any difference between the print and physical parts for a tooling take-over. We also ask for “lessons learned” from the previous supplier or the customer.
  • New tooling and stamping die design, machining, and prove-out are done with quality in mind, configuring various sensors: in-position, scrap, feed, etc., to mitigate potential mishits.
  • We design gauges and fixtures at the workstation with poke-a-yoke as much as possible. We generously use calibrated attribute gauges to make quality checks easy for our production personnel.
  • Vision Systems integration inspects parts in process, saving the attribute data for later retrieval or access by our customers.
  • While production personnel is responsible for the quality, we have many inspectors to ensure and audit quality assurance.
  • D&H Industries has two Hexagon Metrology CMMs, a large format FARO arm for 3D scanning, and the ability to compare CAD models to produced parts.
  • Finally, we use Statistical Process Controls (SPC) for high-volume production parts to ensure parts are meeting CpK levels.
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