Equipment List

Punch Presses

ManufacturerQuantityTonnage (US)Press TypeBed Size (in.)Max Shut Height
Federal160OBI – Mechanical21 x 3210.63”
Federal265OBI – Mechanical26 x 3310”
Neff1854 Post - Hydraulic44 x 4812” max stroke
Aida188OBI – Mechanical23 x 3813.75”
Komatsu2121OBI – Mechanical27.6 x 43.314.96”
HTI11754 Post - Model Trim34 x 38n/a
Niagara1200Straight Side Mechanical42 x 6027”
Verson12004 Post – Hydraulic36 x 7254”
Komatsu1220OBS – Mechanical35 x 57.118.9”
Aida1220OBS – Mechanical33 x 10915”
Niagara1250Straight Side Mechanical54 x 8420.5”
Niagara1250Straight Side Mechanical48 x 8420.5”
Niagara1300Straight Side Mechanical54 x 8419”
Niagara1300Straight Side Mechanical54 x 9633”
Aida2330Straight Side Mechanical55 x 8329.5”
Aida1440Straight Side Mechanical54 x 9628”
Aida2440Straight Side Mechanical55 x 8329.5”
Bliss1600Straight Side Mechanical72 x 8438.5”
Niagara1600Straight Side Mechanical60 x 9630.5”
Verson1600Straight Side Mechanical72 x 10840”
Verson16004 Post – Mechanical60 x 14442”
Verson1800Straight Side Mechanical60 x 10848”
Bliss1800Straight Side Mechanical60 x 12027”
Verson1800Straight Side Mechanical60 x 14434”
Pacific11000Straight Side Hydraulic60 x 12024” max stroke
Pacific11000Straight Side Hydraulic60 x 14424” max stroke
Clearing12000Straight Side Mechanical60 x 12023.5”
Williams-White120004 Post Hydraulic96 x 12060” max stroke

Additional / Secondary Operations (in-house)

Equipment TypeDescription
LaserBystronic BySprint Pro 4020 with 6.0kW CO2 laser (80” x 160” cutting table)
Robotic WeldingABB 2-Robot Welding Cell with 108” Rotary Table
ABB 1-Robot Welding Cell with Two Horizontal Positioners
Two (2) ABB 1-Robot Welding Cell with 60” Rotary Table
Other WeldingAcro 75 KVA Spotwelder
Peer 75 KVA Spotwelder
Banner 100 KVA Spotwelder
Banner 200 KVA Spotwelder
Miller 450 Amp MIG Welder
Miller 350 Amp MIG Welder
Miller 250 Amp MIG Welder
ESAB MIG 200i, 100Amp Welder
Lincoln Precision 225 TIG Welder
Acro 4-Station (3 guns per station) Custom Magazine Welder
Sciaky 2-Station (6 guns per station) Custom Magazine Welder
Banner 2-Station (6 guns per station) Custom Magazine Welder
IPG Photonics Lightweld 1500-1500w Laser Welder with Wire Feeder
Trumpf TruLaser Cell 3000 5 Axis with 2000W TruDisk2001 Fiber Laser
Quality/CMMBrown and Sharpe One 7-10-7 CMM, 25.6” x 39.4” x 25.6” Travel, 34” x 52.75” Table
Faro Edge Arm, 12’ Reach with Faro Laser Line Probe (Blue Light Scanner)
PC-DMIS CMM Software
Hexagon Brown & Sharpe Global S Blue 9.15.8 CMM
Starrett 400 Series Optical Comparator
Tool and DieComplete Tool Room for Die Production and Maintenance
GrindingElb Model SW-010-VAK-9609-1270/86 Automatic Surface Grinder 14” x 36” Table
Okamoto Model 124N Automatic Surface Grinder 12” x 24” Table
Elb Model STAR 30 VAI-Z Automatic Surface Grinder 12” x 24” Table
Chevalier Model FSG 3A818 Hydraulic Surface Grinder 8” x 18” Table
Two (2) Boyar-Schultz 6” x 12” Surface Grinder
FormingDi-Acro 12 Ton Press Brake with 4’ Bed
Bystronic Xact 160 – Hydraulic CNC Press Brake, 176 Ton with 10’2” Bed
MachiningDefum CNC Vertical Turning Lathe: 44” Chuck, 56” Swing, 26” Turn Height
Nomura HBA-110T-R3 Horizontal Boring Mill: 50 Taper, 79”(x) x 60”(y) x 55”(z)
Daewoo DMV 650 Vertical Machining Center: 50 Taper, 55”(x) x 26”(y) x 26”(z)
ProtoTRAK TRM 3-Axis CNC Bed Mill
Two (2) Lagun FTV-2, 2-Axis CNC Knee Mill
Tree Knee Mill with DRO
Bridgeport Manual Knee Mill
MRF Manual Horizontal Mill
TurningHardringe Horizontal Engine Lathe 9” x 18”
Royal Horizontal Engine Lathe 18” x 36”
Drilling & Tapping3’ x 11” Diameter Column Radial Drill
Burgmaster Turret Type Drill
20” Variable Speed Single Spindle Drill with Power Feed
20” 3-Spindle Drill Press
Various Production and Tool Room Drill Presses
Single Drilling and Tapping Machine
SawingCold Saw
Two (2) Vertical Band Saws
ShearingCincinnati – 3/8” x 12’ Long
Other EquipmentPemsert Model 2000 Hardware Insertion Machine
Two (2) Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 Plasma Cutter
Epilog Fusion M2 40 Engraving Laser
22 Individual Press Feeds with Straighteners, Coil Cradles, and Reels
Miscellaneous Vibratory and Tumbling (de-burr) Equipment

August 2022

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