Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider D&H Industries?

  • Capability to React to Customers’ Requirements
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Pricing
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Communication

D&H Industries is one of the largest metal fabrication companies in North America specializing in progressive stamping, deep draw stampings, laser processing, value added assembly, and robotic welded assemblies including resistance welding and MIG welding.

What material types can you work with?

We will stamp most metals and alloys specified by the customer. We most often process steel products including cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized, stainless steel, high strength, low alloy, steel, and most alloys. We also stamp aluminum (all alloys) and aluminum T1/T2, plus brass and copper.

How large are D&H Industries press bed sizes?

Our largest press bed sizes are 60” x 144” and 96” x 120” (See Full Equipment List)

What is the capacity of D&H Industries Presses?

Our press capacities run from 32 tons to 2000 tons. (See Full Equipment List)

What tolerances can D&H Industries hold on Metal Stampings?

We can hold tolerances as close as 0.005” during our metal stamping operations. This tolerance will vary depending on the part, design, material and other factors. If tighter tolerances are required, we are able to hold +/- .001” when needed.

Who is responsible for the cost of tool maintenance?

D&H Industries absorbs the cost of routine maintenance for the life of the tool.

Does D&H have design capabilities?

Yes, we would be happy to assist in the design of your parts to drive out cost. Please contact us as early as possible in the design process.

How does D&H Industries control its manufacturing process?

Every part we manufacture starts with a complete team feasibility meeting, review of the print, tolerances, and customer specifications. Our team, consisting of sales, manufacturing, engineering, quality, materials and traffic work together to review the specific part requirements and customer expectations to insure full compliance. Our control documentation is created which includes setup sheets, bills of materials, testing requirements, and packaging specifications. Customers are encouraged to attend our kickoff meetings to add any insight, experience, or knowledge which might be useful.

Can D&H Industries accept die or tooling transfers?

Yes. We can handle standard transfers, D&H Industry’s diverse range of Mechanical and Hydraulic Stamping Presses allow us to adapt most tooling to our equipment. Tooling can be pre-examined at a 3rd party location to insure our ability to absorb and provide an accurate quote prior to the transfer. For more information, contact our sales department.

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