Spot Welding Services

D&H Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified full-service weld shop specializing in spot welding aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel components and finished products. Our turn-key manufacturing comprises sheet metal fabrication, precision stamping, assembly, and electric resistance welding services. The spot welding process has a very narrow heat-affected zone that minimizes distortion compared to traditional welding methods, e.g., MIG and TIG welding, and protects the molecular structure of the metal components. Our welding capabilities include MIG welding, laser welding, and arc welding.

Spot welding works by applying the pressure of copper alloy electrodes against metal components while passing an electrical current through them. The spot welder controller generates heat to a melting point, joining metal components at the weld area called a weld nugget. Metals possess specific thermal and electrical conductivity characteristics requiring different welding electrode forces and times. The high-quality bond between sheet material does not need fluxes, or filler materials, which makes it a cost-effective process for prototype and high-volume production runs. We conduct periodic destructive testing to ensure the validity of our process. Numerous resistance welding processes exist, including spot, butt, projection welding, and resistance seam welding.

Other Welding Services: MIG, Robotic, Laser, Resistance | Spot Welding, Arc | Stick Welding, and Weld Fixture Design

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